Who are we?

Camille, 21, studying luxury marketing in the BBA EDHEC program, travel lover , because yes, she put a feet on every single continent.

Lucie, 22 years old, currently at the end of BBA program, and specialized in luxury. Cosmetic lover and she actually works in a press agency.

Soukeïna, 21, foodie and fashion lover, looking for new initiatives  in our human world, who’d love to word in a fashion press department. 

Fabio, 21, loving the biosphere, passionate about good food and sports.

Manon, 21, fashion lover, passionate about bio fragrances and fashion trends all around the world. 


The wellness is made by the healthy way of living, in fact, most of the time, the tailored activities, the food and also some habits are expensive.

But if you want to have a healthy way of living, it is at your turn to change your habits, no matter what is your living budget.

From the team

Organic food, making the difference in our plates…

Everyone say « You are what you eat! » but here’s the point, in our actual society it is more and more difficult to make our own choice, we don’t want to eat medicine or hormones.

But the fact is that in our plates we are collecting hundred of foreign products.


Organic markets are the new place to be, in fact, Instagram, Weheartit and Pinterest are full of pretty pictures taken in organic places.

And if a celebrity do it, why don’t you?


The concept is simple, raw and pure food, for the bottom of the cultivator’s heart.


Manon C

Health Complements.. The more natural and rare it is, the better you’ll be!

If you don’t have the chance to eat healthy and clean, if you don’t have time to go shopping for hours to find the real, raw fruits and vegetables, don’t worry!


Some health complements are made to reinforce your health and give you the most natural and organic minerals you need.

Let’s talk about few ones, the most common are the royal jelly made by bees and the argan oil, from the moroccan trees.

If they’re taken from the local communities it’s better, they’re now few trips made for the people to take their own natural products.

Trips are made each year to go in this communities, meet the people and see where you products come from.



Lucie H

Some sports? Tailored activities are the new luxury trend

Eat clean is important. The crystals are also convenient for a interior wellness.

But without sport, how can someone be in a total wellness?

We have seen that the « nature fitness » is more and more asked by people.

Meditation into the wood, sport beyond the mountains, drink from the water natural source.

The trend is to have a personal trainer, someone strong, from a military background to yell at you. This personal trainer usually come from a military background.


Some people says that meditation can be called sport. In fact, some investigations have shown that meditation helps people to lose weight and be in a better mind.


Camille D

Crystals: the more pure it is, the more you will be serene!



It is known in few cultures: from the oriental one to the L.A. one.

And if you look closer, Los Angeles is the wellness city and there, everything is made for the citizen to make him feel serene.

We are today interested into crystals, there is more and more boutiques in L.A. and also all around the word, which are selling crystals for « the wellness of humanity ».

Here is an zen initiative for people but this is a fact: wellness can be luxury.


 If you are interested in buying some crystals for your wellness here is a comparative between crystals with the colors and the name.

To know the price, you’ve to go into boutiques.


Soukeïna O